Prints & Cards from Original Artwork



Popular works have been made into postcards or greeting cards and are available in large sets of 10. Current postcards and greeting cards are available as seen below, but others can be ordered with envelopes to fit. Please allow a couple of weeks for delivery.

We also have the top quality Giclee prints of larger paintings and ones that have been sold as originals. These are of limited edition of maximum ten all signed and dated

We can arrange for framing, or extra prints made.

Should you wish for a print of an original piece of art that is not currently available it can be arranged. Please be aware that the original photography will bear a cost of £200 if no other prints are required from that artwork.

  • Cards are priced at £2.50 with envelopes in sets of ten or individually at £3.20
  • Postcards are priced at £1.20 + PP
  • Giclee prints start at £75.00 +PP if you cannot collect.

Prints available at the moment are:

What is Giclee?



Please select what you might be interested in (you may select more than one!)

Every artistic requirement is unique. I want to make sure that I understand that uniqueness.
Please feel free to contact me, Eljay Dickins at any time (during reasonable ‘work’ hours) and we can discuss your artistic needs.


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