Private Art Commissions


I am very happy to undertake any commissions for portraits, life drawings including nudes or other subject matter.

It is preferable with portraits to have a minimum of one sitting by the subject and suitable photographs taken. It is also helpful to have a few conversations with the subject to discover likes, dislikes and character.

Prices will depend on the size, support, medium and style of the painting or drawing.

Starting price is usually around £120 for a pencil or charcoal drawing going up to £750 – £1000 for a large oil painting.


We can arrange for framing, or extra prints made.


Please select what you might be interested in (you may select more than one!)

Every artistic requirement is unique. I want to make sure that I understand that uniqueness.
Please feel free to contact me, Eljay Dickins at any time (during reasonable ‘work’ hours) and we can discuss your artistic needs.


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