In the beginning…

As a trained professional graphic designer, I have illustrated several adult and children’s books and worked for many different UK and USA publishing houses as a designer, illustrator and layout artist.

Getting animated & saucy…

I started off working as a paint and trace girl in the Bob Godfrey Animation studios for a couple of years, working on his major films and even doing a voice over for one of the saucier ones.

After that “funniest job ever” I moved on to Children’s educational books and magazines, then worked for several publishing houses designing reference books, large tomes and paperbacks.

Enjoying my own company…

I have even written a few myself. I have also worked as a freelance
artist in animated films and books for Disney, the BBC and Thames

I then started my own company designing and producing books for adults and children.

The C Word…

The past two years after being diagnosed with a serious inoperable brain tumour, I have been concentrating on the pure joy of painting.

This I found to be the perfect antidote to constantly wondering if you are going to shuffle off this mortal coil.

I spent more time in my glorious wooden ‘art shed’ studio, given to me by my partner, than in my own home, experimenting and trying out new methods of putting thoughts and feelings onto paper or canvas.

This has been a constant joy and completely removed me from the worries of my real life to the point when now I genuinely believe this world of my own making has made me better.

I also felt my art growing in both metaphorical and physical stature.


Media wise, I enjoy the luscious creaminess of oils, using all sorts of tools, sticks, cloths and brushes, I recently tried just using my fingers on a painting and discovered a new (rather messy!) method, that suits me well.

That said for sketches, charcoal and pastels as well as the trusty pencil are best for quick dashing off new ideas and oil sticks are great for a really bold bash at the subject in hand. Mono prints have been my latest fancy and very handy for a quick kick at the subject, which I find fascinating. In fact I would say leave no stone unturned regarding what media to use.

So I don’t.

Now off the chemotherapy and radiotherapy I still spend many hours tucked up there at the end of the garden trying out new styles and methods in painting. Every day is an adventure.

My subjects are many and varied, but I find the human form especially interesting, every face is different and every person, whatever age, size or demeanour full of character.

It has been a difficult time of late as it has been impossible to find life sitters, so I have had to resort to quick sketches followed by photographs, this works fine, but there is nothing to beat looking at a living, breathing model to get the best out of your work.

I take commissions and some of my finished art is up for sale as well as prints and cards.

Please contact me with any questions about me or my work at…


Email: eljaydickins@gmail.com

Mobile: +44 0 7971082605